Climate Change and the Food Supply

WeiChing Lin
Section: (K) Barbara Adams
Headline: Climate Change and the Food Supply

Date: Thr Sep 6 2012
Source: New York Times

Absurd phenomenon on temperature across the world is now more severe than before. Although the climate change has become a spiky topic since a decade ago, the phenomenon has not been cured but problem now grows larger. Droughts and heat waves have damaged crops in many producing countries this year, which means the declination of food yields and elevation of food price. Report from Oxfam addresses that Increased hunger in developing countries is likely to be one of climate change’s most savage impacts on humanity. However, as many green readers know that agriculture is not just a potential victim of climate change but also a major cause, there has to be the trade off between each other. Is it really possible to solve the food yielding issue meanwhile reducing the environmental impacts? The tricks can be done with more inputs and better farming methods that eliminating waste of water and unnecessary fertilizer in regions where yields are far below potential.

Link: Original Article Click Here

Primary Design Lens: Sustainable Design
Secondary Design Lens: Government regulation on agriculture methods



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