Clueless and Cheap Designs

Global Issues in Design and Visuality
Name: Olga Kazakova
Section: Barbara Adams
Global Now: Abstract
Headline: Clueless and Cheap Designs
Date: 09/06/2012

Digital cultures today consists of numerous amateurs who proceed the world in their own view disregarding the creative labor that needs to be established to create a functional project. The entire world is connected using the web, an inter-web, that allows anyone to become anything without a prior or proper understanding of what they are creating. It doesn’t matter if the artist obtains the knowledge or understanding of the field or not because it is all about client’s love towards what they see. This is a huge problem in our world community. The main problem lies within the clueless costumer. They want something eye-catching, but they are looking to safe money as well. They hire people from 3rd world countries to create websites that look great, but do they really understand the fact of how much more there is to a design? Does the client know that the designer have just picked up the software and learned on its own? Are they aware that they are paying for just for something that was taken from other similar projects and put together for another? I personally stumbled upon this website where a costumer can post a project such as website design and have people across the world submit their designs. I’ve been watching these “morons” picking designs that look best to them, but just like a race horse blinders example, they don’t see anywhere but one directions. The designs that receive the money don’t consider the idea of functionality or user friendliness, and those are designs that have been created by immature wanna-Be’s. Then, on the other hand, I see designers that clearly understand majority of aspects in creating a design, but those are the people that get rejected because they know how much their work really costs. The point of my judgement towards this website is the fact of how unaware the world is about getting a truly collaborative final design with a professional instead of receiving a design by someone who doesn’t speak the language of communication. So why is 99design the fastest growing market? It’s all because it is cheap! With the economy today people are looking for the ways to safe, and quality is the aspect that begins to suffer. This is a growing problem that prevents us from growing in a direction of progress.


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