Do models need agency?

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Celina Lee

Section: K (Barbara Adams)

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Do models need agency?

Date:  9/5/2012

Source:  The New York Times


Models are usually cast through agencies; they don’t have voice to identify who they are, but a visual appearance that determines everything. They might become a face of a beauty product. Soon or after, however, they are replaced by celebrities who have huge number of followers either on twitter or any social devices. Coco Rocha talks about how models should speak up and create a brand of their own through social network devices. She encourages young models to find a unique characteristic that stands out to designers, editors, and the media. She emphasizes models themselves are a company, an agency, and a brand that they are unique individuals. The article indicates problems on longevity of model career and how it can be changed by planting firm identity and confidence in young, timid models.


Global Issue:  longevity

Primary Design Lens: Communication Design

Secondary Design Lens: Social network as a self-branding medium

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    Celina, please add three to five tags.

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