Fashion Forward?

Global Issues in Design and Visuality
Name: Natasha Sumant
Section: K-Barbara Adams
Global Now: Abstract
Headline: Vogue’s September issue: Boosting the spirit and economy in one fell swoop
Date: 28/08/2012

Source: Washington Post –


A brief synopsis of this article would be that the september issue of Vogue (US), the thickest issue till date, is in some ways a shining becon of hope in the struggling US economy, as it provides us with a sense of comfort and indulgence without having to pay a lot of money. Also the fact that out of 900 odd pages of fashion inspiration and “news” a mere 600 odd pages went into advertising. This article though it might come off as slightly frivolous actually made me think about the role of advertising and fashion in the economy and whether or not it was helping in some strange way save it by promoting consumerism to the elite or helping destroy it by promoting the same to the elite aspirants of our society (thus causing some of them to be more prone to debt, a prevailing economic problem in most developed countries).

Global Issue: is art/fashion/advertising helping save or destroy (on a global level for this class) the economy ? (Advertising/ Economy)
Primary Design Lens: Advertising/Fashion
Secondary Design Lens: Economy


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