Guns ‘R Us

Alex Foxworth

Section: Barbara Adams

Title: Guns ‘R Us

Source: GQ

Abstract: Its the second from the top in the Bill of Rights, yet due to recent events compounded with tragic events in the past the right to bear arms has now been brought into serious question. After the Colorado shootings caused such an uproar a GQ reporter traveled to Arizona to take a closer look at how the firearms industry works and to gain the perspective of those who strongly believe in their right to bear arms. It came to light that the institutions created to regulate and monitor gun control are the NICS and the ATF however the ATF is a widely and thinly spread organization and the NICS does not strictly filter its applicants. Should civilians be allowed to own firearms? Should the government more tightly regulate which types can be sold and to whom?

Global Issue: Civil Rights

Primary Lens: Government

Secondary Lens: Government regulation/elimination of the second amendment

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