My ‘Diet Caffeine-Free Rape’

Zachary Wertz

Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: My ‘Diet Caffeine-Free Rape’

Date: 9/5/2012

Source: The Cut (

While “breaking” from my studies I happened upon this article. The Cut usually follows up to the minute fashion news and always has some kind of industry insider information, so I was absolutely surprised to find an article about ‘Rape.’ The article, by Elissa Bassist, follows her accounts of losing her virginity, a torn cervix, and ultimately a realization that is quite controversial. This article has a lot to say about “supposed love” and when rape is actually rape. Rape has become a hot topic this election year. Newly expressed views on Women’s Rights and rape, from the Republican party, have left many with their jaws to the floor. Should the events described in Elissa Bassist’s article be considered rape, and when as a society do we get to intervene and proclaim a victim a victim? Is it ignorant on society’s part to tell someone they are not a victim?


Global Issue: Violence/Women’s Rights

Primary Design Lens: Social Research

Secondary Design Lens: Eliminating Violence Against Women

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2 Responses to My ‘Diet Caffeine-Free Rape’

  1. Barbara says:

    please add three to five tags.

  2. Candy Crush says:

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