No weird-looking skateboards

Randy Morales
Headline: No weird-looking skateboards
Date: 27/8/12


This picture is really funny, seeing the shadows of those guys mocking that sign. Here we have a similar situation as all the graffiti stuff. Skateboarding and graffiti have been discriminated for a long time thanks to the ignorance of the people that doesn’t have that level of sensitive as us, artists. Yes, skateboard has always related to art since the beginnings, but that could be another topic. Its simple just taking a look to the illustration in the sign is evident that the people who made it and don’t allow the practice of it doesn’t even understand what skateboarding is and mean. Or how a simple skateboard look! This is an important part in the street culture; also take the youth “away from drugs”. It’s important that we need to learn deal with problem and stop making it illegal.
Global issues: ignorance
Primary design lens: street signs
Secondary design lens: prohibition
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