The New Garden

Terrence Charles

Section: Adams

Global Now Abstract

Headline: Fields On Wheels

Date: 9/2/2012

Source: Elle Décor


While on my daily glance through the updates on Elle Décor’s website, I encountered this wonderful innovation on the typical garden pot/planter by Legge Lewis Legge. Taking clear inspiration from the French style patterned gardens of European past with a dose of modern fractal theory. This group of 21 planters on casters develops the possibility to transport the garden into an urban concrete-filled context allowing greenery in needed areas, while combining the function of portability and human engagement in the art of arranging the instillation and maintaining the garden. The only failure is the novel thought that this product could ever be a bench; who is really going to sit on an extremely short movable planter full of stain producing plants and dirt?


Global Issue: Environment

Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens:

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