This week’s recitation

Please read ALL the Global Now posts. Come prepared with questions and comments.

We will also discuss Anne Balsamo’s lecture and reading. Below are some points from the reading that we might consider in relation to the projects presented on Tuesday and in relation to your own work.

  • the claim that “all innovations rearrange culture” (p. 3)
  • technological determinism
  • cultural and social reproduction
  • the way in which “culture” is understood in the text
  • the roles and responsibilities of designers as they employ “the culturally attuned technological imagination” and enact “expressive practices”
  • cultural and social intervention (“Designers work the scene of technological emergence: they hack the present to create the conditions of the future.” p. 6)
  • the dialectic between the historical and the new–between what is familiar and the possibilities for rearticulation
  • creativity as a cultural construct
  • innovative design as an assemblage of “negotiated achievements”
  • objects with agency
  • collaboration, multidisciplinary approaches
  • the methodology of “hermeneutic reverse engineering”

Also take a look at the text’s online companion:

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