Infographics : When is Enough, Enough?

Global Issues in Design and Visuality
Name: Eli Rosenbloom
Section: K-Barbara Adams
Global Now: Abstract
Headline: Infographic : How Rich is Your religion?
Date: 30/08/2012

ABSTRACT: FastCo design presents the ‘UPS info graphic of the day’ by Column 5 Media – Organizing population by sect of faith in relation to income levels. The piece provides us with a nice aesthetic but is the information organized most successfully? Probably not, considering the data sets aren’t comparable because each one is on a separate plane due to the radial form. Infographics are an effective way of revealing visual insights in data sets, but due to recent overflow in the past couple years I ask, when does it become clutter? It seems like now a days any designer can plot a data set by putting it on a radial graph. OooOOoo look so beautiful and complex. Yes, it may look nice to our ‘design appreciators’ on the internet, but are we as designers fulfilling our responsibility of bringing a higher level understanding of the data?

Global Issue: K-Barbara Adams
Primary Design Lens: Communication Design
Secondary Design Lens : Information Architecture


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