The appearance of different

Randy Morales

Headline: The appearance of different

Date: Sep-9-2012




A week ago a huge scandal was unleashed among Domican Republic’s society.A tragedy where the happening wasn’t the main issue, and the moral and believes of the victim were attacked. A symptom of a blind media induced by the poor education of a country and catholic influence. Newspapers writing about how many tattoos and piercings he had, relating it with Satanism until the murder was forgotten and his appearance became more relevant. Mean while on the other side of the world, someone with a solid background in society, is breaking into politics with the desire of becoming president of his country and revolutionizing the way a respectable man should look like. Vladimir Franz, coming from a country with a higher level of acceptance, the judgment toward different people will always still there, either because of there believes, looks or tastes. We are not perfect but we can be better, learning to let unusual people be.


Global issues: discrimination

Primary design lens: culture

Secondary design lens: education

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