Nike Obtains Patent for Data-Collecting Clubs and Shoes

Jake Atchoo

Section: Adams

Headline: Nike Obtains Patent for Data-Collecting Clubs and Shoes

Date: 9/11/12

Source: Business Week

Nike Patent to Give Golfers Edge With Data Collecting Clubs

Abstract: Nike has somehow obtained a patent to incorporate data-collecting chips into clubs, shoes, and even soccer balls. In clubs, golfers will be able to track their progress. In soccer balls and shoes, up to two players activity can be tracked. It is unusual how Nike of all companies managed to lock down this patent. By inserting chips into shoes, a customer can walk into a store and the shoe sensor tells the salesman the kind of sneaker, how long it has been worn, and the shopper’s identity. Advertising can then be catered toward that shopper and sent to their mobile device. This data will also allow Nike to offer promotions based on how much shoes are used, such as being registered for a contest that offers a prize if they run 100 miles in a month. Although innovative, I think that consumers will decide that giving some data  as useful and some as a breach of privacy.


Global Issue: Privacy of Data

Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Intellectual Property


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My name is Jake and I am graduating in December of 2012 from Parsons BBA program. I am originally from Michigan and transferred here from Arizona State. Past internships have been with The Trump Organization, Viacom, and Lululemon. I like hockey, tennis, and golf. I would ideally like to get into management consulting but am interested in the retail sector as well.
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