Jews refuse to shop at ‘Hitler’ store in India

Julio Montas
Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Abstract
Date:  08/29/2012

A clothing store open up in India with the name of “Hitler” Yes the same dude that kill over million Jews in World War II. The funny part is that one of the owner claim that he just find out about Adolf Hitler over the Internet. maybe he also find out about the Swastika symbol and turn it 45 degrees to the side and place it on the i. I guess it just weird luck to come up with something that had made a huge negative impact world wide or maybe he just forgot all about it and just thinking of all the money he wants to make.

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Link:  Jews refuse to shop at ‘Hitler’ store in India
Global Issue:  Fashion
Primary Design Lens:  Marketing
Secondary Design Lens:  Communication Design


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