The Running Shoe’s Absence From Exercise

Terrence Charles

Section: Adams

Global Now Abstract

Salvatore Ferragamo Menswear Spring 2012

Valentino Menswear

Headline: The Running Shoe’s Absence From Exercise

Date: 9/13/2012


Abstract: On a recent shopping trip, I couldn’t help but to notice the proliferation of running shoe style sneakers offered for sale at various price points; and my interest was sparked as to why? How could a normally ugly and forbidden piece of footwear infiltrate the ranks of the fashionable? Steven Johnson’s ideas on emergence and the system with its varied yet interconnected branches explain it. The top down formal introduction from the highest quality and best-designed runway options allowed for other outlets mainly magazines and websites to push the trend. While the highest level quickly moved forward, Nike and New Balance continued the craze for people at an affordable price point. The power no longer rests at the very top to decide what is “in” when, and I did walk out last weekend with a new pair of sneakers that might at least experience a power-walk.


Global Issue: Consumerism

Primary Design Lens: Fashion Design

Secondary Design Lens: Taste

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