Behold, the iPhone 10

Joseph Alayon

Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Behold, the iPhone 10

Source: Google Images


With the long so waited september 12, apple consumers were thrown off by the changes made to the new iPhone 5.  It’s true that the screen of the new phone is a bit bigger but it did not give the “thrill ride” we are accustomed to by Apple.  Years past, waiting for a gadget like a new iPhone meant that you were going to be “wowed” by the surprises and quality they were going to come out with, but for the past iphone 4S and this new iphone 5 people have a sense of letdown by the company.  It is so that they came out with this image mocking on the only difference the iphone 10 will be in the future if they keep changing things that people don’t actually need or won’t feel different using in the long run, like for example Siri or 1/2 inch bigger screen.


Global Issue: Technology/Advancement

Primary Design Lens: Consumerism

Secondary Design Lens: Apple/Marketing



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