Hug Me Jacket: Coat for the Cold and Lonely


Kathleen Wang

Section: Barbara Adams

Global NowAbstract

Headline: Hug Me Jacket: Coat for the Cold and Lonely

Date: 09/04/ 2012

Source: Yahoo! Shine

Abstract:  So while I was in the search for an article that could possibly relate to our zero waste lecture – I came across this new fall/winter wear and was so amused. If you’re single, love bright colors, and don’t want to spend the winter alone – then purchase this $1,200 parka today! Upcoming menswear designer Si Chan designed this eccentric green puffer jacket with clasped hands on the front so the wearer would feel loved, warm, and hugged! The plushness of the jacket is suppose to remind you of stuffed toys. The jacket came from an inspiration of his childhood days being hugged by his older brother (as seen in the photograph above). Would you wear this jacket? I think I would (just once) to see the reactions from others!


Global Issues: For the lonely cold and rich

Primary Design Lens: Fashion Design

Secondary Design Lens: Emotional and physical warmth

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