Artist Statement

Jake Atchoo

Section: Barbara Adams

Title: Artist Statement

Note: As a BBA student, I had a difficult time envisioning myself as an artist or even being worthy to write an artist statement. After some reflection, I realized anyone could perceive what they do as a form of artistry. So I gave it a try:

When I work with an existing or failing venture I am reminded that I have the flexibility and power to recreate. I begin a project by assessing the way a venture is operated and perceived internally and externally. I know a project is done when I can visualize myself in the short and long-term future with no regrets about what I completed. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of purpose. When people see my work, I’d like them to truly see the connection between design thinking and its relationship with business and strategy.


About jakeaparsons

My name is Jake and I am graduating in December of 2012 from Parsons BBA program. I am originally from Michigan and transferred here from Arizona State. Past internships have been with The Trump Organization, Viacom, and Lululemon. I like hockey, tennis, and golf. I would ideally like to get into management consulting but am interested in the retail sector as well.
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