Hugvie, just another idea or what?

Olga Kazakova

Section: Barbra Adams

Headline:  Hugvie, just another idea or what?

Date: 09/20/2012



We, Americans, believe that we have the best of the best in the world of creativity due to our diverse cultural variety, but is it true? There’s no doubt that Europe and Asia, in particular, let their creativity run wild and free.

Few months ago, I stumbled upon this Japanese invention called Hugvie. Its a specifically design cell phone pillow design in the form of a human body. It allows a people to have a very intimate conversation with anyone, weather they are  few minutes away of across the continent. We live in the wold full of technology that allows us to have a relationship with another person using calls, texts, instant messengers, and etc. The main concept of this invention is to remove the coldness of the phone conversation and add a virtual feel of the person being right besides them. It activates additional senses that people relay on when they develop any type of relationship. Hugvie is meant for a more emotional conversation rather then business, but who knows. In fact, i can see a sick person having a conference with his/her colleagues awhile staying in bed.

So, is Hugvie simply creepy? This is for a consumer to decide. Many tend to recline towards a changed world experience. People buy arm pillows just to keep them feeling that there’s another person  next to them, and now we have a Hugvie to advance this concept.


Global Issue: Identity

Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Socialism

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