Kaori Sone

Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Jobs Few, Grads Flock to Unpaid Internships

Source: New York Times Online Version


Following on the topic of unpaid internships, I kept on digging into it for more articles and news about it, I found the one that Professor Adams posted for us and found this other one, a little bit older, called “Jobs Few, Grads Flock to Unpaid Internships ( The article faces the fact that most graduate students are getting into unpaid internships, because companies are not willing to pay their interns or because why would a company pay an intern if they can get the job done for a intern that is not being paid. This brings into memory the idea that Ed Keller presented, that “you know there is a problem, something is wrong and that you need to do something about it” but at the end we as future graduates need to face this issue, is relates to us all and one of the big disadvantages is that not all students have the privilege of getting an unpaid internship. It is my belief that change start with oneself and we little by little can contribute to this issue that affects us all.


Global Issue: Labor

Primary Design Lens: Internship

Secondary Design Lens: Graduate Work

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