Overexposure Isn’t Always For The Better

Terrence Charles

Section: Adams

Global Now Abstract

Headline: Overexposure Doesn’t Always Equal Better

Date: 9/20/2012

Source: Architectural Digest.com

Shoddy Recreation

The Stunning Original

Abstract: While taking a casual window-shopping stroll through the Barney’s home floor, I was appalled by this new display claiming to be a selected replication of the famed Marche Aux Puces St. Ouen Cligancourt flea market in Paris. I instantly thought what a sham for an overly moneyed brand-seeking housewife to buy into a ridiculously marked up item, because it claims to be from a place in which all of her favorite decorators featured in the shelter magazines shop to find unique items. When does something become slash-dotted as Cross speaks about in Accelerando. He refers to the point of saturation in technology, while I address the recent overwhelming interior design trend of amazing flea market finds and haphazard eclectic arrangements. This lackluster, cheap, and improperly merchandised imitation from Barneys is proof of that, and this is coming from a store who’s wares comfortably rest in five figure price ranges. It’s honestly an insult to their customer base, which should be intelligent taste purveying connoisseurs that have seen and can afford to travel, shop, and import items from the Parisian original.

Link: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/blogs/daily/2012/09/barneys-new-york-paris-flea-market-shopping

Global Issue: Consumerism

Primary Design Lens: Interior Design

Secondary Design Lens: Intelligent Yet Mischievous Branding


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