A gadget for better posture?

Eli Rosenbloom

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: A Gadget for Teaching people to Master Body Language

Date: 9.19.2012

Source: Fast Co. Design


ABSTRACT: What if you could wear a suit to fix your posture while analyzing the body language of a potential mate? In a government funded project from Northwest Switzerland designers Ludwig Zeller and Kjen Wilkens attempt to create a solution to this. Zeller states, “While having spoken to colleagues and friends it became clear, that almost everybody seems to want to improve their appearance and that hardly anybody seems to be really confident about themselves in front of other people

”. The device is armed with a 3D IR camera that analyzes the body behavior of those around you. Through vibrations the system would prompt you to alter your posture.  Ultimately to strengthen and reassure your connections throughout your day.


Considering this is just an idea that hasn’t actually even been developed or prototyped brings up a key issue. How powerful is design as a proposal tool? Being able to allow people to believe in the future vision. This concept seems useful and convincing – but would it be without the design of the proposal image above? Proposal materials must be believable and strong in order to get funding to be actualized.


Link: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1670815/a-gadget-for-teaching-people-to-master-body-language

Global Issue: Human Technology

Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Artificial Human Assistance Image


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