Another Angle on Family Life

Ashley Chang

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: Another Angle on Family Life

Date: 9.19.2012

Source: New York Times



              Lisa Koshkarian and Tom Di Francesco knew they had to renovate their minimalist house when they had their children Zia and Rex. The couple had bought the 1930s Mediterranean-style home in the Potrero Hill San Francisco area for $1 million in 2002, and had already spent $500,000 adding on a third-story master suite to take advantage of the area’s famously close-up, dead-on views of downtown. However, the minimalist house and the birth of their two children did not go well together. It wasn’t what one would call child-proof or child safe with winding metal staircase, and hard, slippery floors. If I were their child, I would not enjoy living in this fully mirrored, icy cold house. It is just not warming or family friendly at all to me. It just feels a museum and you seem like you are on display.

Link: Click Here 

Global Issue: Family Living

Primary Design Lens: Minimalism

Secondary Design Lens: Children living in a Minimalist setting


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