(ARTIST STATEMENT)Sustainability in Fashion Industry



HEADLINE: Does Greenwashing Exist in the Fashion Industry?

DATE: 11/30/09

SOURCE: http://www.ecouterre.com

“Commitment to the planet is not just about air, water, and earth, but it’s also about the people who live on it. If you purchase organically grown fibers and then manufacture clothing in factories that don’t have strict labor guarantees, how is this sustainable?” (Miguel Adrover, creative director of Hessantur) His statement made me think about the true sustainability. Sustainability is very limited in fashion industry. Some fashion designers use organic fabric or organic dye method in order to make eco-garments and some fashion designers do not even care. As a fashion design major student, I feel responsible. People still buy vintage Chanel bag at quite high price. It still has market value not only because it is a well-known brand, but also because the quality of the product is still useable. I admire work of artisans in France. Good design is important, but on top of that we need extreme craftsmanship. We have many designers, but we also need more artisans. I believe this is one way of applying sustainability to fashion design.   


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