Prize Winning Giant Vegetables of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show


Kathleen Wang

Section: Adams

Headline: Prize Winning Giant Vegetables of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

Date: 09/14/2012

Source: Telegraph, Yahoo, BBC


Nope, it’s not a prop. It is a real plant! In Harrogate, England gardeners from across Britain arrive to showcase their prized crops of vegetables, flowers and plants with their hearts set on an award from the judges. They are not judged on size solely; they are judged on their uniformity of condition, size and overall quality (including color and texture). When seeing their size, people immediately assert that the vegetables are not organic and probably on steroids. Honestly, I also wondered the same thing so I did a bit of research.

Turns out a lot of the growth of the vegetables are due to diligent, meticulous care, and good genes passed down the years. These gardeners do extensive research in the chemical, physical and biological properties of their soil and land – who knew leeks like to lie east to west so trenches are better going that direction?! Many develop their own fertilizers, bio-catalysts, and growing techniques for each specific plant – adjusting their amount of water on a daily basis, how they water, what part or where, diligently fluffing the soil. Protecting their plants against disease and pests because once they get targeted, it is difficult or not possible to reverse damages. Growing prize-winning vegetables are elite of vegetables and grown in the best and highest quality and care. If the vegetables can be grown to this size, what does that say about the ones that we consume? Vegetables are rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals and I wonder how much are we missing out on? Taste of vegetables can change depending on their surroundings – what do this prize-winning vegetables taste like?

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Global Issue: Nature

Primary Design Lens: Gardening

Secondary Design Lens: Organic Plants and Care

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