Can These Guys Really Pull Off An Underground Park In NYC?

Krystsina Sinkevich 

Section: Barbara Adams 

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Can These Guys Really Pull Off An Underground Park In NYC?

Date: 09/25/2012

Source: Flipboard


“A lot of space exists that we don’t use well enough. We don’t need more or new,” says Misty Gonzalez, the lead environmental designer for the project of a new NYC park, discussed in the article. Named the LowLine in response to the already existing elevated park in Chelsea, the plan for this underground counterpart in LES, made possible due to advances in solar technology, is taking further the idea of reusing underutilized infrastructure in order to address the lack of green public space within the reality of modern urbanism. Being still in a prototype stage, the project is open for a discussion through a series of events, such as fundraisers and public exhibitions, in order to get the local business community involved and accumulate public support for the proposal. This, in addition to Harvey’s idea of rethinking spaces and environment, as well as the necessity to adapt to changing circumstances discussed by Ed Keller, also highlights the idea of successful social negotiation and feedback in the process of designing an innovative system. The question is whether the future of the project, yet to be approved by the MTA and city authorities, is really in the hands of the public, as it is being claimed?


Global Issue: Modern Urbanism: Lack of Green Public Space

Primary Design Lens: Urban Design

Secondary Design Lens: Rethinking Space and Environment


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