Cinemagoers enjoy a film while relaxing in a hot tub

Jake Atchoo

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: In London, cinemagoers enjoy a film while relaxing in a hot tub

Date: Sep-25-2012

Source: SpringWise

Abstract: The article briefly explains a highly popular new twist on cinema. Moviegoers can enjoy classics such as Anchorman and Top Gun while relaxing in a Jacuzzi. The events continuously sell out and copy-cats are opening all around London. Is this just a short-lived fad or a new take on entertainment? There is something about hot tubbing with strangers on a rooftop while watching Anchorman that doesn’t sit well with me. This article really got me thinking about space and community. It may not directly relate with Harvey’s fundamentals, but it does play off of the idea of innovating spaces.


Global Issue: Community Entertainment

Primary Design Lens: Innovating Space

Secondary Design Lens: Cinema Innovation


About jakeaparsons

My name is Jake and I am graduating in December of 2012 from Parsons BBA program. I am originally from Michigan and transferred here from Arizona State. Past internships have been with The Trump Organization, Viacom, and Lululemon. I like hockey, tennis, and golf. I would ideally like to get into management consulting but am interested in the retail sector as well.
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