Home Sweet Home

Kaori Sone

Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: The Modern Family

Source: Dwell.com


The Modern family video started with two young Lake Flato Architects, a company that has as vision the making of sustainable buildings that merge into the landscape and are “environmental responsible”. The purpose upon this video is to bring into consideration the idea that “having kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good design”. An so the video shows the whole family interacting with their space and how every inch of the house is used efficiently. But what caught my eye was one of the comments in the video, a user posted, I quote:

“Absoluteley stunning!!! Job well done. However, I made $8500 last year and depend on food stamps. Could the design be adapted to a tight budget in a heavely depressed area?”

This got me thinking about the actual price of design and the way that it can be affordable for a person that doesn’t have much resources, taking into account that this video, “The Modern Family,” was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Making design affordable for most should be one of the things to keep in mind when designing. And last but not least this house was built in Carmel, California, will this type of design be able to adapt to different countries and their specific climate conditions?

Link: http://www.dwell.com/videos/the-modern-family-part-one.html

Global Issue:Design Cost

Primary Design Lens: Sustainability

Secondary Design Lens: Design versus Cost

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