How Bloomberg’s Soda Ban favors 7-11 Over Local Bodegas

Lucy Lee

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: How Bloomberg’s Soda Ban favors 7-11 Over Local Bodegas

Date: Sep-26-2012 

Source: ABC news

Abstract: Mayor Bloomberg announced soda ban in NYC. Places such as movie theaters, delis and restaurants, including fast food, will only be allowed to serve sugary drinks 16oz or less. However the large convenience stores such as 7-11 would not fallow the rule. It could be perhaps 7-11 is registered as a grocery store not as a deli.  Due to this, 7-11 will open 30 new locations in NYC in five years. Is it fair what Bloomberg is doing? It is our right to eat and drink what ever we want but is it fair for him to take that right away? I mean we always can go buy 3 bottles of 16oz if we wished to drink it, but America was supposed to be a country with freedom. Also 7-11 would be the place for the people to get sugary drinks like slurpee. But is it fair for the other small delies to fallow this rule but not 7-11? Would people actually stop drinking soda? Would this ban actually work? I think it might help but if the person really wanted to drink soda, in one way or another that person will get the amount of sugary drinks he/she wants. I guess we would only have to wait and see.


Global Issue: Nation

Primary Design Lens: Freedom

Secondary Design Lens: Food

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