Ideas of Beauty

WeiChing Lin
Section: Barbra Adams

Headline:  Ideas of Beauty

Date: 09/ 26 /2012
Source: SuperForest


The article is about the photo of a girl from OSU was posted on a blog that brought a mass discussion both positive and negative. While after this girl saw the comments and post online, she responded and reacted in a really generous respect. The I cannot hold wondering about: first, that internet is convenient but how often is it used in a wrong way by commenting and attacking other’s right? second, how many people today actually care nothing about how people perceive them? and how this seems to have a paradox between fashion industry and personal faith of being comfortable in own style? I will say that I am not a person that feel completely comfortable with quirky looking people, but it only last at the moment I see, and what follows are really the respect for those who are confident and comfortable with their appearance and dressing. But that is only it, I am really curious about the purposes of those who spread this kind of photos on the internet, what do they expect to gain?

Global Issue: Ethic

Primary Design Lens: Inner Beauty

Secondary Design Lens: Social Networks Collaborative Behavior



Unless it's the end of the world, don't stop venturing.
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