New Buildings for Tight Urban Spaces

Robert Vinluan

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: 7 Innovative Buildings Designed to Fit Tight Urban Spaces

Date: Sep 27 2012

Source: Flavorwire


Abstract: This post on Flavorwire details a variety of designs in crowded spaces such as Tokyo, New York, and Moscow. Some of the solutions include modular living, taking advantage of unused spaces, and tacking onto existing structures. My first thought is that a lot of these examples look out of place and seem to cost too much to build. Then again I don’t know much about architecture. Overall I think these pieces have the right idea; overcrowding is a problem and these are clever solutions. But I don’t know if society is ready yet; these ideas seem to be bleeding edge, and perhaps in the future everything is built on top of existing infrastructure (see Futurama’s New New York), but at the same time I can’t help but think how jarring these new-aged architectural sculptures almost feel against the urban clutter they have as their backdrop.


Primary Design Lens: Industrial/Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Hacking

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