Artist Statement

Sang Hup Park
Section: [K] Barbra Adams
Date: 09/28/2012

Since I go to Parsons, the most frequent question I have had are “Why? And What makes you do so?” at the very first of Parsons years, I used to answer that I made this because I just like it or doesn’t it look cool?, and then I was treated as a student without much consideration.  I didn’t realize why I should have a reason for a design at that point. During 3 years at Parsons, I have had so much information that even I cannot deal with about how to design and what and why we, designers, should care about not only aesthetic and function, but also global issues around us. I am still not totally understood because sometimes it just looks like a play on words but I see the point, and I am currently building my design philosophy.

This is my artist statement today.

A design should be aesthetic, have designer’s own characteristic, contain thoughtful idea, be long-lasting and sustainable, and be intended as perfection.


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