Beyond Maps

Terrence Charles

Section: Adams

Global Now Abstract

Headline: Takeover: Beyond Maps

Date: 9/27/2012

Source: New York Times

Abstract: When does the push for cultural and information exchange reach its limit? Appurdurai explains how the advent of technologic age created and is still forming a “global village”, but is lessening cultural distinctions and slowly amalgamating the world into a homogenous society the best option. Google Maps seems to think so, I constantly wonder why humanity needs an app or website that will take one across the world, under the ocean, and eventually inside spaces. While, the newly released compass function innovates even further by enabling a smartphone to become a portal to another location, by causing a street view Google maps image to responsively swivel with user body movement. Is there really a need to map the entire earth out of any unique visual, spatial, cultural, and private experience? They are collectively returning the world to the idea of Appurdurai’s “print capitalism” in which opinions were formed in a cursory manner except on a computer screen.  Is the desire to open the whole world up propelling us forward while simultaneously sending us backward faster?


Global Issue: Information Availability

Primary Design Lens: Web Design

Secondary Design Lens: Designs cultural effects

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