Dreams conversion into life commitment of art: artistic statement

Artistic Statement

Olga Kazakova

Talking about my artistic approach in what I do is like trying to remember a dream in its full details. I’ve always had issues explaining the concept of my piece in few words. It is always blurry but this is why my concentrations today make sense.
My illustrations come directly from my dreams and nightmare. This concept originated from a small description of century old dream catcher I discovered at the National Museum of American Indian. It was as if I got a lightbulb flashing at the top of my head. I have intensively disturbing and unexplainable nightmares on daily basis. I take them and translate symbolism into a meaning or even a warning that my subconscious is trying to tell me. Then, I translate meanings into my own symbolism view. When I attempt to explain the concept of each illustration, I don’t ever mention the word nightmare or even a dream. My illustration are subconscious turning into a display of calm yet disturbing concept illustration.
It’s still hard for me to grasp my mind around this concept and how to explain it, however, words aren’t the concern at this point. The imagery is the main focus along with my line work and limited color addition.

Olgie Portfolio

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