Gangs recruiting young prostitutes over Facebook

Julio Montas

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: SAPD: Gangs recruiting young prostitutes over Facebook

Date: Sep 28 2012


Welcome to the digital age of “sexual slavery” well more like the time of posting everything you never show your parents but ONLY to the world wide web. I remember when i started using the internet back in 1996, every chat-room was pack with spy especially me “the newbie”. No one had their real name as a screen name and specially nobody was sending picture of himself to no one in the chat rooms. Only in a lucky month a dial up internet user will hear the sound of “You’ve Got Mail” to find a image of the reveal spy (arizonahottie202). Now thats all had change, everyone is in their facebook, twitter, foursquare and instagram to show the world their darkest secrets through images and text.

Back to the sexual slavery quote, I’m shock of how gang members are recruiting young girls through facebook to prostitutes. But are the gangs members are the one to blame, i know it sound wrong but are this young girls so weak-minded to let a stranger make her had sex with other stranger in exchange for money. Perhaps if every user online see the internet the same way i use to see it in 1996, less young girls and boys will stop giving all their information to a hard drive save in a huge building that is own by a social network company.


Primary Design Lens: Social Media

Secondary Design Lens: Awareness


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