My New Best Friend, Google

Ashley Chang

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: A New Google App Gives You Local Information — Before You Ask for It

Date: Sep 27, 2012




Google has created an app, Field Trip, that gives people facts about the places around them, without the need to even ask for the information. Google says it’s like having a local friend with you as you make your way through a city. This is weird to me…What happened to asking our REAL friends who’ve actually been to those places where the best place to eat is, or where to stay, or personal stories of their experiences around the city. I mean that’s what makes a certain city special right? Is technology becoming our new best friend? But I guess who needs to have connections and even friends to show us around and give us trivial information, when we have the Field Trip app to be our everything.

Link: click here

Primary Design Lens: New Google App, Field Trip, gives information about the city you are in

Secondary Design Lens: Technology replacing our friends


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