Next week: proposal

Hello, everyone.

This is a reminder that your proposals are due next week. Please post by noon on Thursday. Your proposal should be one page or less and should include:

  • a descriptive title;
  • a thesis and/or research questions (A thesis is generally longer than a single sentence. Clearly state your argument and then ‘unpack’ this argument in a short, supporting paragraph. If using research questions, use a similar structure. Pose an overarching question followed by a series of more detailed questions that will assist in answering the larger question.);
  • five keywords (These terms should indicate—at a glance—the subjects addressed in your project);
  • a theoretical overview (This must include material from course readings and lectures.); and
  • a clear statement of your methodology and the form the project will take (Explain how you will approach the analysis and what form this will take. Will you write a paper? Will you create a book, website, an installation, a collection or some other cultural/material artifact that is then explained with accompanying text? Explain the rationale for your choice of format and clearly outline what you will present to the class and submit as final work in the course.).

Your ideas will change and develop. It is expected that you will develop and alter the project as it progresses. You are only loosely bound by the proposal.

Your proposal should show how you plan to critically approach and analyze your own work. The focus may be on current studio work, work you have done in the past, or on a project you are planning for the future.

Be sure to include any illustrations, photos, storyboards, mock-ups–any visual, sound or other files that will illuminate the proposal.

I have posted supplemental articles and book chapters here on the course blog. Some of these deal directly with artistic research, reflective practice, and design thinking. Have a look—these readings could be helpful in developing the project.

***Post the proposal on the blog (for the following week’s assignment, each student will comment on three of their colleagues’ proposals) AND bring a hard copy to submit in class.***

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the weekend.



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2 Responses to Next week: proposal

  1. aubreyd642 says:

    Hey Barbara is the post due on wed? its usually due thurs….

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi, Aubrey (and all). The assignment is due on Thursday. Apologies for any confusion.

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