Would you pay $10 for a can of air from Paris?

Sung Suh

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline:Would you pay $10 for a can of air from Paris?

Date: 8/21/12

Source:Yahoo Blog

Original Canned Air From New York City

Abstract: Kirill Rudenko sells canned city air for $10. He also sells NYC air. He claims that the NYC canned air contains followings:

20% Empire State Building
10% Grand Central Terminal
10% Chrysler Building
20% Statue of Liberty
10% Little Italy, Chinatown
10% Brooklyn Bridge
10% Times Square
10% Central Park

Would I buy one? I might buy it for someone who moved somewhere from NYC, but not for my self.

NYC smells bad so I don’t really see a reason for buying it. The package design is very simple and the word, “air” is bold and bigger than other words. When I first saw it, I thought it was something from airlines. Some sort of a gift from an airline. I think the white background and the black fonts conveys us that we need some basic elements to get away from our stress life style.

Link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/canned-air-paris-york-etsy-201236607.html

Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Font Design

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