Proposal: Being in transit (or the Suitcase Syndrome)

Name: Natasha Sumant

Section: K

(Tentative) Title : Being in transit (or the Suitcase Syndrome).

Reading/Refernce: Appadurai, Jhumpa Lahiri (The Namesake) and Mira Nair films.

Thesis form :Graphic book thingi (yet to be clearly defined/determined)

Locality is supposedly a contextual and relational concept rather than a spatical or scalar concept. As someone who travels a lot, and have had my parents move every two years to different countries and cities and neighbourhoods, the concept of locality is not limited to something that is spatial or scalar but something a littlle more cultural and manifests itself in traditions, colloqiualisms, consumption patterns and designed objects. (to name a few). The conundrum I find myself in a lot of times is identifiying with a particular type or locality or local culture. My imagined locality consists of a number of different customs,mannerisms, colliquialisms, interests and designed objects (things you buy), and yet even though I have a very specific idea of locality (and thus the idea of home) in my mind, I still manage to find people I relate to, make friends with and eventually they become my adapted family and locality (like my friends in college and boarding school).  My final project will attempt to be a booklet that shows various aspects of my imagined locality and how it might over lap with the imagined localities of my friends. My project will reference and be inspired by the ideas expressed in Appadurai’s writings about “The Production of Locality” and also the stories of Jhumpa Lahiri.

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2 Responses to Proposal: Being in transit (or the Suitcase Syndrome)

  1. alexfoxworth says:

    I think that in todays society where the cultures of the world are slowly becoming more integrated and global travel is becoming easier for the average world citizen this is something that many people are encountering. I could be interesting to talk to some other parsons students about how/if they experience this and how it compares with your own ideas about locality, especially since there are so many international students at the new school.

  2. aubreyd642 says:

    I’ve met so many nomads like you here at Parsons I’ve lived in the same town my whole life so I have no idea what that’s like. A book seems appropriate in order to inform a viewer about your own personal sense of locality but maybe not, you could make a travel kit or a form of luggage that will portray this same information but relates the form more directly to your concepts. I like that even though you are always moving you are not afraid to root yourself in a place experience it and make ties to it in the relationships you form with people, maybe those relationships could be emphasized in some way.

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