Corrupted Earth?

Lucy Lee

Section: Barbra

Title: Corrupted Earth?

Keywords: sustainability, eco-friendly, recycle, Earth, waste, global, nature, environment

Thesis: I want to focus my research on how we take things for granted and slowly forgot about this planet that we live in. Like Harvey said, it is constantly changing and it is unnoticed. Everything that is alive constantly changes. It just takes several hundreds of years for it to have effect but gradually Earth is suffering. Like the clip that Joel showed us on October 2nd lecture, I also believe that “it is not question of if, it is a question of when.” So I want to examine and focus on how much we use and how spoiled we are and how much Earth is corrupted.


Harvey, Justice,Nature and the Geography of Difference:

  • “Nature, the idea of which ‘contains, though often unnoticed, an extraordinary amount of human history… both complicated and changing, as other ideas and experiences change… the ‘unnoticed’ aspect of this poses particular difficulties”
  • nature- living organism that constantly changes
  • enlightment- forces of unknown, supersitision

Timo: How he focuses on recycling and the shirt project- zero waste

Balsamo: invention-create new things & innovation- reinventions (how we need these two to help Earth less suffer)

I have created a poster as one of my portfolio during high school by only using magazines to recycle the paper. I thought it would go well with mosaic because to create this piece, many small pieces were needed to fill this big page and it was very time consuming. Just like this, to have Earth to this stage, we, and our ancestors, have slowly built the waste, not appreciate nature and take these for granted. I probably write a story based on a girl and her journey in discovering how living organisms are slowly going extinct, that we are living in a pile of waste, and how much environment is neglected so she try to find different ways to prevent and try to restore Earth from dying.Image

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3 Responses to Corrupted Earth?

  1. ayc921 says:

    I love that poster you made! I feel like it goes really well with your concept. It’ll be interesting if you come up with different ways of recycling or examples in your story! 🙂

  2. Azury says:

    I like the poster as well!!! It’ll also be interesting in seeing some examples of what are the elements we commonly ignore the importance in our daily life now, and maybe the girl’s journey could suggest or create a new way of living style for our sustainable future? looking forward to the story 🙂

  3. parks307 says:

    I like your idea and especially your story that you are going to write about going extinct. It seems we have so much information about environmental conservation but it will be amazing with your story. I could suggest the story base on New York City so that we could look back.

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