Originality and Objectivism in the face of consumerism.

5 key words:

Objectivism, consumerism, fashion, audience, brand, process.

Thesis/Research Questions:

As designers we are constantly encouraged to “be out own brand” to find out who we are and to distinguish ourselves in someway. We are simultaneously told that we cater to our audience and that its a certain kind of aesthetic that sells. Where does the line between individual design and  consumer marketing begin? Is there a line or has it become a grey area? Is there even a grey area or has it become the mark of a “good” designer to be able to imitate and recycle already trite designs? And how as a fashion design major does this affect my design process?

I wan to take a closer look at how I create. How/by what am I inspired? Does the audience or consumer group influence my designs? Why? How? What distinguishes great designers from others? Are the great designers always the financially successful ones?


In order to better understand my design process I plan to document it as I go through it when creating a collection. I hope to discover more about the exterior forces that influence designers as well as the personal and how the two interact with one another.

To do this I will be creating a collection of 12 o 15 looks with mood and fabric boards as well as a final garment. This presentation will also be accompanied by a paper that records the process and all that I discover along with any new questions that arise and any possible answers.

A. Foxworth

Section: Barbara Adams

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3 Responses to Originality and Objectivism in the face of consumerism.

  1. jakeaparsons says:

    This sounds really interesting. As students in such a design-intensive program, it’s odd that we don’t focus more on the creative process and cultivation of our work. I think it would be really great to see how your documentation of the creative thinking process affects your work over time, that way we could see how you benefited from the documentation process.

  2. I acknowledge your concern of your documentation process, try to find that “thing” that will make your work process me Yours, try filming and fast forwarding it on VLC or QuickTime, you can also try doing a flip book or like a stop motion. And when you are done doing it or while in the process you can try giving it to someone else to test it and see if anyone can understand your process. It’s always good to see your own work from another perspective.

  3. terrenceacharles says:

    Your project is very intriguing and the ideas about what makes a “good designer” and what drives and influences their creative process is fascinating. I think we all wonder across every discipline about this. The grey area between new interpretation and blatant copying is such a contested topic, because just about every concept has been done before. Only aesthetic changes that fit the desire of the time are switched. I think at this point your idea about money comes into play, as a designer why wouldn’t you create something that would sell while simultaneously holding your individual passion. I think you should read this interview with Yohji Yamamoto, because he kind of touches on your ideas about creativity and branding.Here’s the link http://www.wwd.com/eye/people/yohji-yamamoto-off-the-cuff-6348113?src=rss/recentstories/20120928. I think we both can agree that he is exemplary of the qualities present within a “good designer”, and the passion present within his clothes has kept him around. Maybe you can tie your project in with the Appadurai reading and how the process of globalization has affected either negatively or positively everyone’s individual inspiration well. I agree with the comments above that you should rethink your process documentation, and it would be great if you could interview others to see how inspiration changes across various people’s thought processes

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