Proposal: Extreme Craftsmanship Revival

  • A descriptive title: Craftsmanship revival with technology
  • Five Key words: Artisans, Craftsmanship, practices, affordance of technology
  • A thesis and/or research questions:

– How can we preserve craftsmanship in fashion by using technology? Not only preserve it, but keep it alive

– Why do we need to preserve it?

– Why don’t we have many artisans around us?

– How should we appreciate work of artisans?

  • A theoretical overview: “Rituals and habits engendered by innovative devices.”(Anne Balsamo)


  • A clear statement of your methodology and the form the project will take : I would like to create a book or a blog about the work of artisans in fashion. I hope more people understand the aesthetics of high-end fashion. 
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4 Responses to Proposal: Extreme Craftsmanship Revival

  1. krystsinas says:

    You might also want to tie your research with the idea of commodity fetishism and abstraction of value, and why high-end fashion brands want to stress that their product is hand-crafted (‘Made in Italy’ vs. ‘Made in China’), while the general practice nowadays is that of devaluation of the production process (we don’t necessary want to know how products are being made; we buy a brand not a product)

  2. Azury says:

    I agree with the comment above. Devaluation the production process is a issue that leads to less appreciation of chics, while pricey handcrafting in some brands (ex: Hermes…) would seemed to be unnecessary to some consumers. maybe you could look at how the context of consumers and cultural structure would affect the preservation of craftsmanship.

  3. There is a project about fashion that you might want to look at it’s called High Fashion Low Countries, this is the site:
    The project is about collaborations between craftsmanship and fashion designers and what they can do working together. Hope it helps.

  4. Also this is another project that ingludes High Fashion Low Countries that you would like to look at.

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