Title The Ultimate Survival Guide

Thesis or questions

How do we spend our time on this earth, what are the factors or hubs (scale free networks) that keep humanity afloat, what systems keep us in check or attempt to hold us back from progress, what kind of information is required for survival?

What cause is most likely to end humanity can we prevent or stop this in some way?

Identifying what information is valuable and ways to pass that information on.

Think about “how to’s” and reminders.

5 keywords humorous, informational, optimistic, visually interesting/ stimulating, clever

Theoretical overview readings materials

Scale Free Networks –I really like the idea of hubs in this reading it is used in relation to the internet as a network but I would like to re employ it to talk about cultural hubs and what piece/pieces  of the human puzzle are holding it together


Methodology and form

 I will create a series of prints using various printmaking techniques supported by short writings that can explain or extend the art work to help the viewer understand and contemplate the meaning behind the visual image. Ultimately I would like to make a book and maybe a digital version because I want this information to be as accessible as I can make it.

I’m going to make a series of prints that relate to the many global issues we’ve discussed in class and the readings.  I will use the ideas explored on our class blog to create art work that is reproducible consumable but also affordable and informational. I’ll create an entire survival kit that not only tells you what to do if technology fails but also educates the reader about the time we live in now and maybe comforting words thoughts ideas other people  have used.  These are included to help people survive intellectually.

I want to make people think about their day to day decisions and how those may impact their surroundings. I also want to give people knowledge and think of creative/ clever ways to pass on this knowledge.

I will ask a lot of questions and maybe answer a couple too. I will end up making at least 5 prints accompanied by text and a maximum of 15.

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2 Responses to Title The Ultimate Survival Guide

  1. ayc921 says:

    This is such a cute idea! I love your methodology idea with the print book and everything. I wish you can make a How to Survive Parsons book hahha ,,</3

  2. parsonseli says:

    Exploring you topic through a print piece is a great idea that I feel will leave a stronger connection with your viewer rather than a text based piece. One worry I have is that with a print based piece there can be room for much interpretation. Seeing that your thesis is not very focused, this has the possibility to result in a esoteric series of prints. Which there is no problem with creating a series of work left up for interpretation of the viewer. But for a research based project that is supposed to teach us something – this may result in unsuccessful work. I would attempt to focus your thesis.

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