Proposal: The Ugly Reality

Relating Global Labor & Accountability

Thesis and/or Research Questions:

In our world today, many people enjoy goods but never really considered who, where or how they are manufactured. An example would be chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, adults and children alike. But not everyone knows that 80% of the cocoa comes from Cote d’Lvoire and Ghana, harvested through child labor. We hold responsibility in a way, as consumers, to help solve this problem of unjust labor and that starts by realize that it exists and is prevalent in areas across the global. Ignorance is not bliss.

Five keywords: Global supply chain, local human rights standards, labor, globalization, facilities

Theoretical Overview:

My research and analysis will also take from Harvey’s argument of problems with social justice that have resulted from recent changes in geographical divisions of labor, in the environment, and in the pace and quality of urbanization and consumerism. Points will also be stated and expanded from Timo’s findings of repercussions to certain living environments and nature due to production.

Methodology and Form:

The website aims to expose this labor and ultimately for us to feel social responsible and perhaps as we become the future leaders, do something about it. We need to consider our role in this unjustice and not allow all this unfair labor to happen.

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3 Responses to Proposal: The Ugly Reality

  1. aubreyd642 says:

    I like that you’ve chosen chocolate as the product/food to focus on I think that can lead to very provocative conclusions and will make consumers think about both larger and smaller products they take for granted and where those came from. A website seems like an excellent form to start with because it is so accessible but how can you promote it and make it visually stimulating, is there a way to incorporate some of you studio practice into that? Also what will the overall tone of this website be, will it simply be informational? I would be aware of the way things are worded and how that will effect the viewer.

  2. terrenceacharles says:

    I love that you have chosen to address the global issue of uneven labor and the systemic effect it has on our everyday life and the people who produce these goods. My only question is do you plan to focus on one area of the “supply chain” eg. food, clothes, and etc, or are you trying to provide a generic overview of the topic, because its quite a lengthy subject to tackle in its entirety in such a short time. I think it’s interesting that you are focusing on the shock value aspect of this issue, but then I think the hardest part of designing your website will be in the process of moving the user from a pure emotional state into informational content, and finally combining the two as a method for inciting change. Creating a fluid experience that doesn’t become stuck in one zone is going to be quite a challenge.

    Also here is an organization’s website that’s has a similar idea to your own:

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