Proposal: Programming is the new medium for artists

Julio Montás

Section: Barbara Adams

Title: Programming is the new medium for artist.

Keywords: Archive, Design, Code, Programming, Mathematics, Problem solving, Interactive art, Generative art

Thesis: I want to explore how visual artists are learning programming for creating interactive art. Thanks for new programming languages like Processing, openFramework and Cinder is giving the spark for artist to take the challenge of solving a design problem by programming friendly application. I believe that the future is happening now but the minority of the world don’t see it like that. Their a lot of Tom Cruise movie Minority Report technology already been developed by avenger programming artists. However because is still not too commercial at the moment, consumers are not aware of what could be done with the technology we have now.
But if this movement was more commercial, will it have a global effect by making the next generation smarter or lazy.


– Why everyone should learn to program
– The future of cyber protests
– New forms of education
– Do artist change what they touch and have a global impact.
– What is really the future


About Julio Montas

Graphic Designer
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3 Responses to Proposal: Programming is the new medium for artists

  1. krystsinas says:

    As far as I understood, you are talking about how graphic designers nowadays are taking up more tasks and are exploring new ‘territories’ beyond the boundaries of traditional design – programming in your case. So I think it might be a good idea to approach this issue from a broader spectrum – for example, think how and why design in general becomes more cross-disciplinary. Remember how Paola Antonelli in her lecture said that the definition of design is so indefinite and how it is almost impossible now to tell what is design and what is art, and in your case something else.

  2. parsonseli says:

    I would be interested to see how this issue ties in to the restructure of the music business. Widespread digital access has resulted in lack of album sales. Due to this fact a music artist success hinges on tours. The live performance aspect of the tours many times contains elements of programming or light shows. With the new shift in the music business it would be inclined to hypothesize that there is a raised demand for programming jobs. To make for a more focused argument I think it would be wise to constrain your last sentence. ‘will it have a global effect by making the next generation smarter or lazy’ seems a bit broad and tough to digest at this point. Focusing your lens will also make for a more convincing paper.

  3. suhs462 says:

    I truly feel what your concern is because I feel the same way. I often apply high tech to my design, but I never want to forget about the tradition. In fashion industry, we also have Gerber, Yuka (cad system) that you can create patterns with the computer program. But the important thing is it requires paper pattern experience in order to do well with the program. I think nothing comes from nothing..

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