Proposal: Soullessness

Sang Hup Park

Section: [K]Barbara Adams

Provisional Title: Soullessness

Thesis: My current work is to create a final collection for menswear with the concept about my past, and my sadness. During this process, I should think about myself and what I make clothing for. Also, what is a target market and what kinds of clothing should I create?  Based on my design philosophy and aesthetic, my current collection is setting down to a designer label, “slow fashion” area. I think that clothing, of course in overall art field, should contains a highly organized thought and a characteristic, but I’ve easily encountered clothing without a profound thought but just making clothing for a sale, “fast fashion”. I believe as a designer “fast fashion” is as bad as “fast food”. Therefore, I want to explore how “fast fashion” affects us from global point of view.

Theoretical overview: I will research about a cheap labor, a cheap material, an unnecessary consumption, unsustainability, a copycat and environmental pollution that are originated from “fast fashion”. I also want to make a link between these unpleasant phenomenon and global flows as Appadurai argues like financescapes, ethnoscapes, technoscapes, and so on.

Methodological overview: I am going to write a research paper or make a blog about harmful effects of “fast fashion” and present what is “slow fashion”.

Key Words: Fast fashion, Slow fashion, Sustainability,Consumption, Environment

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4 Responses to Proposal: Soullessness

  1. jakeaparsons says:

    This sounds great because you really have a sense of so many facets within the fashion industry, from design to production. I think taking a look at the ethical issues of sustainability will be a great compliment to the skills you already have from being in fashion design. I would like to see how what you research ultimately affects the way you approach designing, if it does at all. Excited to hear more about this!

  2. alexfoxworth says:

    I agree with jake about the sustainability. I also think that looking into the issue of creating “slow fashion” and more lasting pieces is a continuation of that and as designers we do need to stop polluting the industry with fashion that is so disposable. I could be interesting to see how that would or if it would work out over a long period of time or if fast fashion came into being as a symptom of economic downturn.

  3. ayc921 says:

    It’s interesting that you mention that fast fashion is like fast food, but I don’t necessarily think that fast fashion is bad. Fast fashion is actually what’s keeping our economy growing. I mean in this economy not everyone has the means to buy designer clothes. It’ll be interesting if you include the economic part for your essay too!

  4. If you want to explore how fast fashion ( knock off ) affects us in a global point of view, it could be better if you also included women wear so you don’t limit your self. Considered the facts of how fashion affect the world economy and what social classes buy “fast fashion” and who benefit from it.

    List of things to look into:

    – Copyright protection
    – The piracy paradox
    – Is it ethical to knock-off a garment?

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