Proposal: The Appearance of Different


Randy Morales 


The Appearance of Different: 


In this essay I will have a brief research about the history discrimination, where this came from to when recognized a social issue. Exploring why we have that fear to the unknown, more specific talking about sub cultures and counter cultures that not everyone understands, to the point that we look at them as something estrange and to result in rejection. Then make an analysis from the psychological to the sociological point of view, of why is this reflected in our daily life mostly because the religious misconception.


This essay will have a focus on the labor discrimination toward the urban cultures that has peculiar ways of expressions reflected on the believes, behaviors and appearances such as clothing or body modification, for example tattoos and piercings are a topic still not regulated in the labor discrimination aspects. I will point to examples of real situations like activism movements, victims and people that overcame those obstacles in topic. 


Keywords: labor, tattoos, discrimination, sub cultures, ignorance, religion, hate and exclusion.


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2 Responses to Proposal: The Appearance of Different

  1. alexfoxworth says:

    I think that this a really interesting and new approach to an issue that has be looked at and analyzed from almost every possible angle. As a fashion major I find that this correlates remarkably with how people dress and the impression that clothing combined with body art and modifications makes on others. I don’t know if you can incorporate that into your paper but its interesting to note how much stock is put into personal appearance especially in a society that is supposed to be so far from ignorance and discrimination.

  2. Kathleen says:

    When you say religious misconceptions, are you addressing how certain religions look upon tattoos or body art? There are religions that show dedication through body alteration or inscriptions in forms of tattoos. There is this one case concerning Red Robin Gourmet Burgers where a manager fired this employee for his religious tattoos.
    Your topic brings up so many questions and I’m very interested.
    For instance how society should adopt a more contemporary view on the subject of body modification and accept that it can possibly be more present in our future today?
    A suggestion that I have is to consider how media has a role in all this stereotyping and this negative image in society.

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