Toy kit aims to encourage girls to develop an interest in engineering

Jake Atchoo

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: Toy kit aims to encourage girls to develop an interest in engineering

Date: 10/13/12

Source: Kickstarter


Abstract: The engineering sector is comprised of 89% men. Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineering graduate, plans to change that. Debbie believes that the female perspective could bring fresh thinking and innovation into the industry, so she created GoldieBlox, a start-up that uses building blocks and story books to encourage girls to construct spaces and objects. Through research, Debbie found that boys are innately drawn to activity based toys whereas girls are more interested in books. Therefore, she combined the two by using the tale of a female character who needs the child to complete her adventurous tasks and missions. This idea seems to take popular shows such as Dora The Explorer and bring them to life. Debbie Sterling is touching upon many of Donella Meadow’s leverage points. She is attempting to alter  “The structure of information flows” to give girls access to engineering aspects that they are not typically exposed to. This brings up questions as to how we can develop ways to get girls interested in male-dominated subjects as well as  boys interested in female-dominated subjects.


Primary Design Lens: Product Design

Secondary Design Lens: Early Education


About jakeaparsons

My name is Jake and I am graduating in December of 2012 from Parsons BBA program. I am originally from Michigan and transferred here from Arizona State. Past internships have been with The Trump Organization, Viacom, and Lululemon. I like hockey, tennis, and golf. I would ideally like to get into management consulting but am interested in the retail sector as well.
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