Subconscious message in the Bottle

Olga Kazakova

Title: Subconscious message in the Bottle

ImageKeywords: illustration, phycology, symbolism, reinterpretation, conceptual approach


                There’s something very intriguing about the way our mind can subconsciously tell a person regarding the situation they are currently in or result being in. Connection between reality and subconscious is indirect and requires a set of steps to fully understand the message behind it. My concentration is focused on symbolic reflections within objects and subjects human brain creates in subconscious. I’m using imagery to illustrate subconscious mirages into direct vision, translating unseen and untouchable into illustration. The focus of this idea is to develop a complex and almost unrealistic linear works of art.  Each piece creates individual overall groupings of these symbols to illustrate the happening. Symbols are withdrawn directly from nightmares, dreams, and daydreams. However it is not a direct illustration of these dreams. The focus is put on the objects and subjects within each illustration.

Theoretical Overview:

                The project isn’t as much about a visual representation; it is about discovering the meaning behind these objects and subject in an indirect way. Dreams are the inspiration, not the driving force.  The driving force lies within psychological study and obtaining knowledge on understanding the language the mind uses to influence waken decisions and actions. After all, human mind is a fascinating subject to study because it goes back to the idea of how social research and phycology study makes as appear “psychics.”

Methodological overview:

                My thesis concentration continues to emphasize the usage of line to define forms and motions. Each body of my works is completed mostly in black line, with limited addition of the color in specific areas to emphasize a concept. The style is consisted, but mediums vary from etching prints, ink on watercolor paper or wood boards. They hold together as a series because the conceptual approach of using symbolism to represent these subconscious messages. Everything about the series is a personal reflection, but to others it is a display of surrealistic images.

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