Free Falling

Ashley Chang 

Section: Barbara Adams

Headline: Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic jump: From start to finish, a nerve-racking, exciting feat to behold

Date: 10.15.12

Source: The Washington Post




Felix Baumgartner a 43 year old Austrian skydiver, attempted at free falling from 24 miles above the New Mexico desert on Sunday. He was in freefall for 119,846 ft over a period of 4 minutes and 20 seconds. In doing so he became the record for the world’s highest human free fall! There was a step by step guidance from the mission control center for the onlookers.

I thought it was interesting in the end when they mentioned that all this was possible because of right cooperation of many. They had the intellect, technology, curiosity, and the pressurized suit to protect him from the frigid, oxygen-deprived air around him. If it wasn’t for this kind of cooperation and working with different fields, Felix’s dream wouldn’t have been possible.



Primary Design Lens: Technology and protective outerwear. 

Secondary Design Lens: Collaboration between different fields


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