Manhattan’s Now Home to America’s Most Expensive Zip Code


Lucy Lee

Date: 10/18/2012

Source: -Finance

This is about the up coming the most expensive home in Manhattan’s 10065 ZIP code. This ‘six-level Modernist limestone townhouse’ will be located at 34 East 62nd Street with a ‘subterranean indoor pool, a glass-enclosed elevator and a water-bedecked private courtyard.’ This luxurious building will be listed listed at $40 million. Upper East side ranked #1 on Forbe’s annual list of the Most Expensive ZIP codes. There are so many wrong things to this projects. This IS a luxury townhouse. It may be okay for Beverly Hills to have this type of townhouse but not for NYC and especially not for busy small island like Manhattan. I can’t help but to think that this is another way of dividing classes since only wealthy can afford this place and the people are adding spaces and using expensive materials while there are so many homeless in Manhattan. Also Manhattan is busy and small but in this tiny place, they are trying to build home that takes up many spaces to have pool, courtyard, etc… to give enchanted atmosphere like a getaway from the city while being in a city. I wonder… Is it right to build new buildings that costs millions of dollars? Also what about the environment? What will happen to Manhattan?


Global Issue: National

Primary Design Lens: Finance

Secondary Design Lens: mortgages

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